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Welcome to the first international online Aesthetic Laser Academy. In these courses, you will receive an elite, cutting-edge cosmetic aesthetic laser education in the most sought-after cosmetic laser treatments from around the world. AML is the first online academy where students can earn a graduation certificate as soon as they complete training. All of our accredited courses are taught by renowned and award-winning Dr. Leo Capobianco.


In this course, students will gain in-depth knowledge about the anatomy of the skin as well as the Fitzpatrick skin types associated with laser procedures. Students will learn the basic fundamentals of how cosmetic lasers work; they will be able to describe clinical applications of laser procedures and be better equipped to promote effective laser safety. After taking this course, students will feel comfortable applying their thorough knowledge of laser safety in the field. Our lead medical instructor will guide students through every step of the curriculum.  READ MORE

In the Radio Frequency Master Laser course, students will learn about radiofrequency skin tightening and body contouring, and instructors will demonstrate RF cellulite reduction and fat reduction procedures. This course will cover in-depth information about patient selection, the Fitzpatrick skin types, laser safety, and how to use radiofrequency laser equipment. Students will also study helpful topics like tissue interaction, wavelengths, pre-&post-procedural care, and treatment contraindications.  READ MORE

This course prepares students in the fundamentals of laser and IPL education, providing students with clinical observations of laser hair removal treatments and the IPL photofacial . In the course, students will study and observe laser and intense pulse light technology. The curriculum also covers all necessary forms associated with laser procedures, such as consent, safety, and pre-&post-treatment forms. READ MORE

The ultimate laser course encompasses a wide range of treatments, skills, and types of equipment. Students will learn about client selection and consultation, analysis, and skin classification. Students who complete this training are fully prepared to work with lasers in any type of aesthetic medical setting, such as a medical spa, a dermatologist´s office, or a plastic surgeon’s office. Also included in this course is the laser safety officer training and the intense marketing chapter on building your business whether you’re an employee, independent contractor, or business owner.

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Our courses provide instruction on a wide variety of laser equipment that provides a diverse range of laser treatments, such as hair reduction, skin rejuvenation, body contouring, fat and cellulite reduction, skin tightening, and more. Some of the laser technologies included in our courses are intense pulse light, radio frequency, and CO2 lasers. 


Compare all four aesthetic laser courses in our easy-to-use comparison chart to determine which course will best suit your needs. You can compare the differences between the laser safety course, master RF course, premier IPL course, or the ultimate course, which combines all of the course options into one.  READ MORE

Dr. Capobianco was Board Certified in Emergency Medicine and is an Adjunct Assistant Clinical Professor of Emergency Medicine at College of Osteopathic Medicine. He completed seven years of intensive training from the New York Institute of Technology/ New York College of Osteopathic Medicine. Currently, he is the Medical Director of Allure Cosmetic Laser Center and Unicorn Medical Weight Loss and Medical Spa.



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